The NU Technopark is becoming a magnet for talents
On May 10-13, the Technopark of the Nazarbayev University held "TOM Kazakhstan: ABC Makeathon", a 72-hour makeathon
5 teams continuously worked on the prototypes that solve the real social and everyday problems of people with disabilities.

Makeathon started at 12:00 on the 10th of May. During 72 hours the teams were working without leaving the Technopark - they welded, poured and programmed all day and all night. Participants had an access to the equipment of the Prototyping center and the Fabrication Laboratory - a laboratory with the most advanced equipment for digital production.

The ideas of the projects were presented during the first stage of the makeathon pre-Tom on April 14th, where the teams had an opportunity to meet with need-knowers and discuss their problems and possible solutions. During a month's time all the necessary parts and tools were purchased. On May 13, the teams presented their prototypes to the jury. All of the designed prototypes are open source, and once the Makeathon is over they will be released, so that any person with similar needs can use them anywhere in the world.
Meet the projects that were created on the Makeathon "TOM Kazakhstan: ABC Makeathon":
"StepLife" team
A special device (construction) for moving body in horizontal and vertical positions and restoring motor functions;
Nazarbayev University students team«Here to help»
Multifunctional walker on wheels, which provides support for the back and the musculoskeletal system;
Nazarbayev University students team "SouthTeam"
Exo glove for people with a diagnosis of paralysis of the fingers and new battery for a wheelchair;
Nazarbayev University students team "F4"
Exo-Glove for patients with cerebral palsy;
"Inspirante" team
Prototype of the electric console for a wheelchair.
The team "StepLife" has won the Makeathon "TOM Kazakhstan: ABC Makeathon"
They have presented the most elaborate prototype, which gives more possibilities to people confined to bed and facilitates the lives of those who care for them.
All participants got an access to the equipment of the Technopark and FabLab of Nazarbayev University for further development and improvement of their prototypes. Also, the teams are invited to participate in the accelerating and incubation programs of the Innovation Cluster of the Nazarbayev University "Astana Business Campus".
Number of registered participants is 81 people. 5 teams were selected among them, the participants represent Nazarbayev University JSC, Astana Medical University JSC, National Center for Children's Rehabilitation under the University Medical Center Corporate Foundation.

The organizers: Astana Business Campus Intellectual Innovation Cluster, Association of Friends of Tel Aviv University (TAU). Sponsored by Eurasian Resources Group (ERG).
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