Patent protection of intellectual property
Date: June, 12 / 2019
Time: 19:00
Location: Nazarbayev University, block 7, room 7e.222
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About the seminar
We continue series of seminars on protecting intellectual property.
Speaker Madi Suyundukov
Intellectual Property Manager from the NURIS Office of Commercialization, Patent Attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan (reg. № 112)
During the seminar Madi, will cover the following topics: protection of the know-how, inventions and technologies by a patent, making the right choice of jurisdiction for patent registration, risks and benefits that inherent in the patenting processes, business protection on both - local and global market.
Madi has numerous international certificates in the field of the legal protection of intellectual property objects, the effective use of the Madrid system for the international registration of marks, etc
What we will talk about?
Patent law and its types


Design invention

What kind of protection do patents offer?
Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of intellectual property

The first step in securing a patent, where to start

What can not be patented?

How much it will cost to obtain a patent and its maintaining in force per year?

Priority date retention

Patenting in Kazakhstan and foreign countries

How to obtain protection documents in other countries

Relationships between the inventor and the patent owner

Copyright agreement

Types of cession of rights (license agreements)

Employee's invention (in which cases the author must notify the employer)
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