Yurt of the future
Recently we visited our "yurt of the future" - a house that produces twice as much power energy as it consumes. The secret is in the use of a self-contained hybrid wind-solar power station, i.e. in renewable energy sources suitable for emergency changeover for the urban.

The project has been sponsored by Shell and is located on the test site of the Nazarbayev University's Innovation Cluster. Anvar Columbetov, an engineer at the renewable energy test site, told us about the results of his recent work and future plans:

- To further develop the project and implement energy efficiency laboratory and research works, we've had the challenge to integrate a 10 kW wind-solar power system into Shell Yurt's power supply system.

- To implement the challenge, we've used the equipment made in the PRC - the electricity production world leader, through renewable energy sources.

- At the initial stage, we've calculated and compared the available electrical capacities of the equipment and Shell Yurt.
- Then, we've tested the operability of solar photovoltaic panels, wind generators, inverters, battery charge controller, automatic throw-over equipment.

- Based on the test results, we've identified malfunctions of the battery charge controller and automatic throw-over equipment.

- Once the repair was carried out, we've made the electric installation, connection and adjusting of the hybrid wind-solar system suitable for accumulating electrical energy through the battery with an electric capacity of up to 96,000 amperes * hours.

During July this year 10kW wind solar power system was tested in operating and emergency modes

End result: in general, the tests were successful!

Shell Yurt has currently fully self-contained power supply. Next it will digitalize the electrical parameters of the wind-solar electric system and develop guidelines for the implementation of a set of laboratory and research work in the areas of "Power engineering and renewable energy sources" and "Heat engineering".

We wish Anwar new success with this unique project!

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