Dear NU Students, Staff and Faculty!
We are pleased to invite you to the opening of the exhibition in memory of victims of political repression "Re-membering" curated by Aigerim Kapar.
Date: June 25th, 2019
Time: 18:30 ---> 20:30
Venue: Vasiliy Kubrin's house, 41 Kenesary St., --->
TSE ART Destination, 33a, Respublika ave.
The exhibition represents works of artists and scientists from Kazakhstan, Usbekistan, Russia, USA, Great Britain, Kyrgyzstan and Hungary, as well as works of young artists, student of the "Art Collider" Informal Art School and the "Artcom" Art Communication Platform, where in collaboration with scientists a series of public lectures and series on redefining of the historical past and remembrance have been carried out, in search of the language of postcolonial state.

Innovative cluster of Nazarbayev University has provided support to the organization of this exhibition: DC Lab residents participated in the making of the promo-video and the "Machine Shop" prototyping center specialists created exhibition props.

Film crew (DC LAB residents):
Adilet Abish - Director
Salavat Zhangalishev - Director Assistant
Roza Zhakhina - Assistant
Dias Bektayev - Sound design
Madina Sargali - Actress
Watch promo-video on Vimeo
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