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The Machine Shop manufactured a Dryer for making apple snacks

Design and manufacture enquiry for the experimental high-quality apple snacks making machine came from Prof. Spotar, School of Engineering
The use of dry air facilitates convection drying process at environment temperature, which prevents the loss of temperature-sensitive components and results in a high-quality final product saving valuable nutrients. Aggregate's chain for apple slices processing includes osmotic dehydration and convection drying at environment temperature.
Aggregate was manufactured in the Prototyping Center and has three main elements:
1. drying closet
2. air heater
3. variable fan
The body of the drying closet is made of food grade stainless steel, which is the main aggregate's characteristic.
There are also built-in electronic scales to control the weight loss of drained apples, which has accuracy accuracy to hundredths of a gram.
Body and air heating module design and manufacture works have been fulfilled by the staff of the PC.

Additionally, there is a display that shows data from two sensors of air inlet and outlet temperature.
BODOR laser machine was used for metal sheet cutting process. Body bending works have been made on UZMA machine. The electronics and electrical parts, as well as the electric heater control system, were assembled by the Electronic Workshop.
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