Are you ready to build a real Smartmoto and win a challenge in Barcelona?
ABC FAB LAB informs you about the recruitment of a team for an international competition - Castelloli Smart Scooter Challenge (CSSC), which will be held in Barcelona from 15.07.2019 to 21.07.2019.
Smartmoto challenge is a championship for lightweight electric motorcycles, built by engineering students, on the Formula 1 track. This year a new branch has been added - an electric scooter on electric propulsion
The winner is the team whose scooter will be the most technically sustainable and commercially viable
The participants of the competition are faced with the following task: the creation of an inexpensive and autonomous scooter
Selection criteria:
The team should consist of the following positions: 3 from school of engineering, 1 manager (preferably a marketer), 1 team curator.
Develop the concept of your scooter (considering the following technical characteristics: speed, maneuvering, water resistance - the effectiveness of the insulation of the electrical part and design)
Develop a business plan with an indication of all calculations and indicating its possible commercialization in the market of Kazakhstan.
Support from us:
- Full sponsorship
- Тechnical support from ABC FAB LAB
- PR promotion

Applications are accepted until March 27, 2019
Only students of Nazarbayev University are welcomed to the competition!
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