Dear NU Community,

As you already know, one of the tasks of Nazarbayev University is to develop cooperation and to share experience with regional universities.

So far we already started building the cooperation with East Kazakhstan Technical State University. Currently Vice-President for Innovations Yerden Kussain and NURIS PI began negotiations with another leading regional university, Karaganda State Technical University (hereinafter - KSTU).

KSTU has historically developed scientific research in such areas as mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, architecture and construction, etc. KSTU has sustainable connections with leading industrial enterprises of its region.
KSTU provided the following information:
- Information on research and innovation projects implemented at KSTU
We ask you to choose topics close to your subject for further study in order to:
  • prepare the new joint applications for funding to state agencies;
  • enter industrial enterprises with joint proposals;
  • participate in mutually beneficial cooperation.
In case if you would like to participate in further discussions and if you have any questions, please
contact Contract Research Office at NURIS via email

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