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The ABC Fab Lab is a makerspace based on NU Technopark containing a wide range of rapid prototyping equipment that allow people create innovative products. The ABC Fab Lab aims to motivate students to develop engineering skills by creating a community of creative innovators.
We are happy to announce about the current
activity of the Fab Lab!

During this month, more than 80 people received an access to the FAB LAB. Currently we can demonstrate a number of interesting projects.
Moreover, we got a big achievement - cooperation with the University: 62 students from the School of Engineering made their projects in a FAB LAB within the framework of the academic program. Students worked hard until late night and have been supported by FAB LAB engineers. FAB LAB users get essential experience in the walls of the makerspace.
From September the FAB LAB have run a course on SolidWorks where 20 people were participated. Moreover you can be interested in FREE workshops organized by FAB LAB every Thursday for students and outsiders on various topics related to digital prototyping.
This videos relates the documentation of Fab Lab Astana, launched by Astana Business Campus
This is Nazerke, she designs the drone at Fab Lab.
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This is Zhandos Miras, he builds robot.
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This is Rustam, he forms clocks on servos (mechanical watches). Member of Fab lab Club.
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These is a student's project "fluid transportation network".
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This is how students modeling on a 3D printer the part of a motor, called a spinner.
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These photos relates the documentation of Fab Lab