Explore new horisons with Fab Lab Astana Business Campus
Further your creativity and develop ideas into reality
The ABC Fab Lab is a work space containing a variety of computer controlled tools that allow for the manufacture of nearly anything an individual can conceive.

During this month there are 60 participants visit and using the Fab Lab, that delivered training and workshops for students, startups and local businesses to encourage spark innovation.

Our Fab lab serves as a hub where you can gain access to a variety of resources taking them from concept to prototype, to finished product all in one place.
The Fab Lab's design & build capabilities will allow tinkerers, engineers and entrepreneurs with creative ideas to move them forward.
This videos relates the documentation of Fab Lab Astana, launched by Astana Business Campus
This is Nazerke, she designs the drone at Fab Lab.
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This is Zhandos Miras, he builds robot.
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This is Rustam, he forms clocks on servos (mechanical watches). Member of Fab lab Club.
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These is a student's project "fluid transportation network".
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This is how students modeling on a 3D printer the part of a motor, called a spinner.
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This photos relates the documentation of Fab Lab Astana