Geostatistical estimation and analysis of iron distribution in the shubarkol coal deposit
On October 29, 2018"Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System" Private Institution and Research engineering center ERG Limited Liability Partnership signed an agreement on conducting research / development work on the topic " Geostatistical Estimation and Analysis of Iron Distribution in the Shubarkol Coal Deposit ".

As part of the project, Nazarbayev University staff will provide a review of the available information including geological reports, cross-sections, legacy borehole data, constructed block models, trenches, pits, channel samples, downhole geophysical logging, surface geophysical maps, geochemical maps, and elemental compositions of coal samples, density of coal samples.

Nazarbayev University has the necessary experience in building block models and all the resources for the successful implementation of the project. Project implementation period: October 2018-July 2019. Contract Research Office is an administrator of this project and assists in its implementation.
If you have an interest and project for future interaction with the company, please contact the Contract Research Office

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