Masterclass: The Power of Placemaking on Innovation Districts
Director, New Estates Division 2, JTC Corporation
Date: 09.02.2019
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Location: Nazarbayev University, Block C3, room 1010
Business parks or districts which began life as a place of work for multi-national companies, universities and research institutions are seeing more and more start-ups and incubators showing up and demanding space in such districts.

This is happening in dense urban locations which led to them being loosely categorized as "innovation districts". By creating environments that promotes shared value mindedness, placemaking has much to offer in the emerging geography of innovation in mixed business, education and R&D districts.

It can play a role in an integrated strategy to attract, retain and grow talent. It improves the enjoyment of working, living, playing and learning in such districts. It enhances networking and communication flows between innovators.

Ultimately, making the district a distinct and memorable destination that everybody wants to be associated with. In this masterclass, Mr Tham will share his experience of managing an innovation district in Singapore called "one-north". He will explain using placemaking principles to illustrate the learning moments he has in looking after one-north.
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