How to start trading and algorithmic trading, the basic mistakes of beginners
November 6, at 5 pm NURIS MotiVibe invites everyone to an open guest lecture on the topic "How to start trading and algorithmic trading, the main mistakes of beginners" by Kairat Aitpayev.

Date and time: November 6, at 5 pm
Venue: Nazarbayev University, 53 Kabanbay batyr ave, «Glass Pavilion» (the Pyramid building)
Language: Russian

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What traps await you when managing personal finances, in trading and algotrading? We will analyze the current state of the market, examples from live trading and the available tools for algorithmic trading. Also, during the seminar, you will be able to get some of the Wealtrix's tools for free.

Wealtrix is one of the few algorithmic trading companies in Kazakhstan. You will have the opportunity to learn not only about algorithmic trading but also about asset management, financial literacy and trading in its classic form. At the meeting, the founder of the company will personally tell the path that his team went through, what difficulties they encountered and most importantly, what mistakes they made.

What will you learn at the seminar:
  • The basics of financial literacy: How to manage your money, where it is better to invest;
  • We will analyze the current state of the KZT/USD and BTC/USDT rates if by that time it will still be relevant;
  • How to start your journey in trading: What mistakes beginners make and how to get through them with minimal losses, what mandatory things you need to practice in trading to be successful;
  • We will analyze the trading strategy of Kairat personally and his transactions;
  • Algotrading and what traps await you in it;
  • How to apply machine learning in algorithmic trading;
  • You will receive a free transaction logbook with which you can improve your trading. Also, based on this journal, several trading strategies will be analyzed, including Kairat's algorithmic and personal strategies;
  • There is also a surprise, a unique Wealtrix development that can significantly improve trading and will be available only to seminar participants

About the speaker:
Aitpayev Kairat, tutor, researcher and businessman. One of the best specialists in Kazakhstan in the field of machine learning and computer vision. At the moment, he is actively applying his experience in the stock markets. CEO & CTO Wealtirx.

* Due to the limited number of places, please participate in the seminar if you are registered.

If you are registered but cannot attend, please contact by e-mail so that we can offer places to other participants.

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