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Machine Shop engineers have assembled "Eternal engine"!

"Eternal engine" is a new project of Machine Shop engineers, successfully executed by order of one of the authors of the art exhibition "Memory Dialogues" by Maya Sagymova (TSE Art Destination project).

"Eternal engine" immerses into the era of the Soviet Union, brings back memories of the red star, the symbol of communism, which promised to give the working people a better life, without poverty, slavery, hunger, war.

Also rotating red blades symbolize danger and hint at thousands of broken lives and destinies.

Author's vision is reflected in the form, color, mechanism of the construction of the "Eternal Engine"

The customer refered to Machine Shop with the idea and in accordance with the author's message, our specialists prepared and approved the project drawing.
The complex conical reduction gear— the basis of the rotating mechanism was manufactured by using the DMU-50 5-axis milling machine.
Reduction gear rotation in the casing
Reduction gear casing housing was printed on a 3D printer.

The rest of elements were cut on a laser machining system, the handle and axes
were made on a manufacturing lathe, and welding was performed during assembly
process of the product.
Also made the connection of sound-reproducing elements for sound during the rotation of the mill.
Two parts of the installation rotate in opposite directions relative to each other on the same axis.
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The construction will be placed at the exhibition dedicated to the memory of victims of political repression. "Memories. Memory dialogues" of overseer Aigerim Kapar at address: Vasiliy Kubrin House, 41 Kenesary St., until August 10th .
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