NURIS MotiVіbe: "Robotization of business processes"
NURIS MotiVibe invites everyone to the "Robotization of business processes" guest seminar organized in collaboration with ElectroNeek.

Date and time: December 5 at 3 pm
Venue: Nazarbayev University, Kabanbay Batyr ave 53, block C3 (Graduate School of Business),
room 2002
Language: Russian
Қазақша оқу
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The seminar is about industry 4.0, RPA technology, and how this technology is changing the workflow around the world.
The objectives of the lecture are to give a general idea about technology and raise public interest to the topic interest.

Here is a short outline of the presentation:
  • Industry 4.0. Digitalization as a new industrial revolution
  • The problem of routine processes in the modern working structure
  • What is an RPA? Key definitions and categories
  • How to define a process for automation?
  • In which industries is RPA technology applicable?
  • RPA implementation methodology: business analytics of routine processes and solution implementation
  • RPA Case Studies

About electroNeek company:
ElectroNeek is a software that automates routine office tasks by simulating employee actions on a PC and in cloud applications. Using this product, you provide your employees with the opportunity to become automators and increase the productivity of your business without significant investments in IT.
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