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In a new digest of Machine Shop read about the most amazing project at the shop,detailed material about "perpetual motion machine", the box for reagents and cellular material,about what steps need to be done for the construction of the mounting plate and unusual case-robot postman.Rebellion cars getting closer.
"Perpetual motion machine" for the art exhibition.
"Perpetual motion machine" - is a new project of Machine Shop's engineers, successfully commissioned by one of the "Memory dialogues" art exhibition authors Maya Sagymova.

"Perpetual motion machine" immerses into Soviet union epoch, brings back memories about red star - the symbol of communism, promised give working people the best life, without poverty, slavery, famine, war.

Also rotating red blades symbolize danger and hint on thousands broken lives and fates.

Author's vision reflected in form, colour, "Perpetual motion machine" construction's mechanism.
Learn more how specialists at Machine shop created "Perpetual motion machine" construction.
The box for reagents and cellular material
The costumer - School of science technology.
By requires of costumer Machine shop developed and made stainless steel box for convenient and orderly storage of reagents and cellular materials in cold stores.
Work stages:
- By shop constructors was developed box construction.
-On CNC laser machine according to the drawings and programe blanks cut.
- on the CNC bending machine made parts bending according to the drawings.
- After the assembly was carried out using contact welding, and the final cleaning was already done manually.

Learn more about how the experts at Machine Shop created the case for the robot.
Manufacturing the frame and frame of the robot - the postman
The customer - graduate of Nazarbayev University and the founder of a robotics startup Bauyrzhan Ospan. Now Bauyrzhan is a resident of Technopark and actively uses all the possibilities of the NURIS infrastructure.

Work stages:
- design of parts, case assemblies, preparation of the product frame on the basis of customer sketches
- making the frame of the robot from a square pipe with a size of 15x15 mm.
- pipe cutting on a band saw machine.
- semiautomatic carbon dioxide welding.
- assembly of the frame with accessories.
- preparation of the robot body in the form of a box-shaped structure made of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel.
- laser cutting Bodor
- Bending parts on a CNC bending machine as per drawing.
- assembly of construction details and semi-automatic welding at joints.
-final, control assembly of the frame and housing product in the presence of the customer.
Manufacturing 15 aluminum pulleys on a lathe
Over 500 threaded holes in the mounting plate

The costumer:School of science and technology.

It was necessary to make the pulleys according to the customer's drawing.

The pulleys were made from aluminum bar on a lathe. These pulleys are used as guides for robot tension cables.

Work stages:
- Cutting blanks
-Lathe machining
The costumer: School of science and technology. The plate will be used in the field of robotics for fastening system components.

Work stages:
- processing at the DMU-50 five-axis machining center
drilling holes at specified coordinates on the machine

Interesting fact:
Manual drilling of 500 holes would take more than 160 hours of hard work of an engineer!
The processing center DMU-50 coped with the task in just 2 hours!

Prototype wheels
The costumer - Department of robotics and mechatronics of the School of Science and Technology.
The aluminum wheels will be used in the process of creating the robot's econstruction.
Work stages:
- laser cutting of aluminum sheet 3mm thick
- wheel axis turning
- argon welding of a product at the stage of wheel assembly.
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