Nazarbayev University implements clean coal technologies for using in power engineering of Kazakhstan
The Laboratory of Clean Coal Technologies at Nazarbayev University developed manufactured, and commissioned an experimental circulating fluidized bed (CFB) and fluidised bed (FB) combustors for burning high-ash coal to order Samruk-Energy JSC. The technology of coal combustion in a CFB and FB has higher efficiency and demonstrates virtually zero emissions than traditional solid fuel combustion.

The first stage of the PI NURIS / Samruk-Energy JSC joint project to develop the combustors of boiler units for combustion of high-ash coals at the formation No. 3 of the Ekibastuz deposit was completed.

The second and third stages of the project are aimed at conducting experiments on the installation.
The project is unique in that the technology of coal combustion in a CFB and FB was never used in Kazakhstan. The novelty of technology comprises coal combustion with an unprecedentedly high level of ash content (50% or more).

The installation is a 7 meter high construction, with a combustion chamber 200 mm in diameter, a coal consumption of 15-40 kg / h, equipped with fuel systems with a primary and secondary air fun, steam supply device for combustion, ash collection and cooling. There is an inert material supply system to suppress CO (x) emissions.
According to Vladimir Anatolyevich Astashov, in future, Samruk-Energy JSC plans to introduce research findings as industrial coal combustion plant at one of its power stations.

Within the framework of the project it is planned to actively involve the teaching staff and students of Nazarbayev University. If you are interested in joining this project, please contact the Research Support Office NU by e-mail
We are inviting production companies for cooperation with Nazarbayev University.