Training: "The Power of Business Intelligence"
NURIS MotiVibe invites you to a free
master class on "Big Data".

LLP "Grazhdanin", resident of Technopark of Nazarbayev University, is ready to conduct a master class for last-year students with the aim of further employment and selection of students for practical training.

Date: September 24, 2019, 18:00 – 19:00
Venue: Nazarbayev University, Glass pavilion (Pyramid), 2nd floor, Сonference hall
Language: Russian

Қазақша оқу
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Contents: Introducing the Big Data topic.

Discussion of basic concepts, data types, basic tools for working with big data, illustrative examples of big data visualization.

Audience: everyone who is interested in working in the field of analytics, data processing and visualization

Prerequisite: IT education.

In case of selection, the best students will be able to get the opportunity to work on a project that consists of several modules.

The project has such functionality as data collection, building analytical reports, identifying risks, publishing data.

The project work consists in analyzing large volumes of data and preparing detailed analytics.

What will the candidate do:
Building SQL queries
Creating tables, views
Work with Power BI (creating interactive dashboards)
Data analysis

What will the candidate receive as a result:
Database skills
Advanced knowledge of SQL, DAX languages
Experience in Business Intelligence
Experience with Power BI
Experience with large amounts of data
Team experience

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