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There is a greater scope of 3D printing technology at Machine Shop to use by professors and students. Many universities and technical colleges now incorporate 3D printing modules and projects into engineering, applied sciences, and medical.
NURIS Machine Shop in cooperation with partners offers services to produce parts on a 3D printer for metal "Concept Laser M2".
This equipment has the following characteristics of the model:
Printing area 250 * 250 * 280 mm
Print accuracy 20 - 100 µm
Laser Power
Materials for printing:

● steel,
● aluminum,
● titanium,
● alloys based on nickel and cobalt-chromium.
The obtained 3D metal products are used for the manufacture of human prostheses, parts of high complexity and designs with topological optimization of the structure. Our engineers will help you choose the best printing materials and techniques.
Some illustrative examples:

We can design and manufacture complex parts for your project on a 3D printer for metal. Contacts for applications with a description of the task:
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